when we met

While its technologically advanced products brighten and revive faces across the country, Zeno needed a new way to revive its brand. This advanced skincare company produces innovative, chemical-free, over-the-counter products for improving specific skin conditions. Yet, Zeno still faced challenges in terms of establishing its brand and leveraging social media in order to grow its mind and market share .

they asked us

Given the competitiveness of the skincare market, we knew we needed to dig below the surface to develop creative ways to elevate the Zeno brand. We conducted in-depth research into the marketplace on how Zeno’s competitors were positioning themselves and what drivers influenced consumers’ purchasing decisions.

so we answered

The end result was a social media campaign surrounding one big idea: “Don’t Blemish the Moment.” This campaign engaged consumers in a way that they could not only interact with the brand, but also spread its message easily to friends and family, attracting truly fascinated followers. We designed Zeno’s Facebook messaging and experience, and also delivered ads throughout social media channels. Lastly, we designed a downloadable coupon and created an engaging sweepstakes for consumers.

“Don’t Blemish The Moment” generated nearly 40 million impressions with thousands of social shares and coupon clicks. We were able to instantly raise Zeno’s Facebook fan count by 145%.