when we met

Svedka, positioned as the #1 Vodka of 2033, needed a unique tactic to establish brand loyalty with a younger audience who could continue to choose the brand up through its predicted #1 year.

they asked us

The brand came to Conversation in search of a unique, attention-grabbing way to spread hype and raise spirits in young adults in their 20s during the celebratory, summer months. SVEDKA wanted to grow its popularity in this target market, as well as influence product establishment in bars and clubs.

so we answered

We put our out-of-the-box thinking to the test when discovering the best way to engage this young audience. Turns out, our best solution was actually in the box – a 1971 ice cream truck. We transformed this truck into the BOTmobile: an attention-grabbing, futuristic vehicle to promote the #1 Vodka of 2033. While visiting all the Hamptons’ hotspots, talking to celebrities, and inspiring specialty SVEDKA drinks in bars, we distributed over 300 t-shirts, 1000+ stickers, 1000+ lollipops & popsicles, and over 250 cases of SVEDKA. The vehicle served as a promotional unit during the day and as the centerpiece of the hottest parties at night.

After traveling 960 miles and performing over 120 hours of promotions with 300 people per hour at our retro BOTmobile, we were able to spread extreme enthusiasm for SVEDKA. We spoke to hundreds of celebrities, had thousands of tastemakers, and left millions of impressions to carry this vodka’s reign up to and through the year 2033.