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when we met

Conversation began work with this start-up social technology company at the first stages of a brilliant idea – a service that provides the means for any company to launch a multi-channel campaign across social, mobile and web.

they asked us

The start-up asked us to fully develop and market its unique concept, from its name, to its design, to its user-friendly functionality. The tool provides a campaign management suite that delivers data driven fan awareness, engagement and conversion, bringing brands closer to their fans.

so we answered

In order to create a platform that would stand out in the highly saturated social media market, we conducted extensive research to create a unique and compelling brand strategy. From there, we developed an impactful name and created both visual and verbal expressions of the strategy. Lastly, we developed the technology platform and delivered an engaging multi-channel experience. Since SocialWhirled’s inception, we have partnered with them to build their business through planning, branding and actual product development. We also manage all of the marketing and advertising for the Client and some of its customers, depending on their needs.

Conversation has been recognized for its work with SocialWhirled, recently winning W3’s Gold Award for creative excellence on the web.


Taking Home the Gold

Taking Home the Gold

2012 W3 Awards
for Excellence in Creativity

Gold Award Winner

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