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Prince Tennis

when we met

As a leading tennis product supplier worldwide, Prince prides itself on its history of innovation and the performance of its products. Its revolutionary racquets, along with its line of footwear, apparel, strings, balls and accessories have helped the company grow and has attracted attention from the sport’s most elite athletes. However, as Prince rapidly expanded, it needed a way to deliver one, cohesive message to all of its consumers.

they asked us

Prince Tennis matched up with Conversation to design, develop and execute the multipronged bi-lingual initiative, featuring SMS (text messages) to increase product demonstrations and drive additional brand awareness worldwide.

so we answered

Our execution was right on the ball and rallied a conversation between the brand and its consumers. We delivered an SMS text message campaign that helped drive sales promotions. By engaging with the brand through a text, Prince recognized that customer and enrolled them to be eligible for complimentary equipment including racquets, tape, strings, bags and other gear. In addition, select fans had the opportunity to get personalized information on local product demo events and GWP programs. The execution broadened the brand’s awareness to the average consumer, increased its accessibility and began a more personalized relationship with its fan base.