• Marquee


when we met

The TAO Group, a worldwide empire of exclusive restaurants and nightclubs, wanted to build on their long-running success of New York City’s Marquee nightclub. After continuing to hold the number one spot for the highest grossing sales in the country of $59 million in 2010, the company saw a great opportunity to open another major club in Las Vegas, utilizing the new Cosmopolitan hotel as the home for the new Marquee.

they asked us

Given the importance of the new club’s opening, Tao Group needed to raise awareness and generate buzz in order to ensure the most impactful launch possible. Tao Group approached Conversation to help develop a campaign that would ensure a sell-out crowd on opening night in order to set the stage for long-term success. As the NYC Marquee is known for excellence and extravagance, Tao Group wanted attention-grabbing, creative designs and an overall campaign strategy to inform people of the new location, while enticing them to come.

so we answered

After a thorough due diligence, Conversation developed strategy, concepts, and three captivating brand styles that we implemented across print and outdoor channels. As a result of this campaign and our collaboration with Tao Group, Marquee in Las Vegas is without a doubt one of the most popular and successful nightclubs on the strip!