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when we met

The annual letter from the CEO is a long, established tradition for family-owned Hearst. But when the company chose to add an innovative twist to it, Conversation came to the forefront.

they asked us

The corporation approached Conversation to create a unique and interactive way to recap its business developments for the year – one that exemplified Hearst’s longstanding history of innovation.

so we answered

To achieve Hearst’s objectives, we utilized a fully integrated approach – research, strategy, creative concepting, design, development, and execution. The end result was a cutting-edge, interactive website, leveraging vibrant visuals and a revolutionary user experience to represent not only the company’s history of innovation, but also the pride its employees have for Hearst. Furthermore, the site included connections to Hearst’s social media presence, prompting more engagement for consumers with the brand.

Our work was extremely well received by Hearst and acquired multiple accolades in the advertising industry, including both Communicator and Webby awards.

award winning report

We didn’t just build a program to talk about the great year Hearst had, we built a program which received it’s own recognition:

2011 W3 Gold Award
Visual Appeal

2012 Webby Award
Corporate Communications

2012 Communicator Award
Corporate Communications

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