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MySpace Syncing Up To Facebook

After launching their previous Sync To Twitter just a year ago, MySpace is looking to join forces with its former competitor with the new Sync to Facebook option. This new feature allows Myspace users to share information posted on their profiles onto Facebook. According to Mashable, this includes music, photos, links, videos, and even status updates. However, while Myspace status updates can be synced to Facebook, the opposite is not currently available, though plans to do so are currently underway.

How do you think this reflects on Myspace? The website was in its prime when Facebook was first launched, but its popularity has decreased since then. Do you think it’s a good idea for them to work together with Facebook, or should they remain as a competing social network? Let us know what you think!

Twitter Updates for 2010-08-28

Samsung Galaxy Tablet To Be Revealed In September

Seen in a teaser video, Samsung plans to show the world its newest development in September. Known as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, it boasts full Web browsing, video calling, Flash and HD movie support and other features, according to PC World. Shots of the device are very brief, though what can be seen is certainly impressive. The teaser video ends with the words ‚ÄúSeptember 2, 2010 Berlin, Germany,‚Äù when Samsung will give the public a proper introduction to its new device. Without a doubt, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more information on the Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, as well as any future competitors. *cough* Apple *cough*

Lionsgate Turns to Chatroulette for Viral Marketing

Lionsgate took to a new advertising outlet in promoting their new film, The Last Exorcism: random video chat site, Chatroulette.

According to Mashable, the viral video campaign shows a pretty girl that appears to be live on webcam. Users think they are chatting with a real person, and learn the truth moments later while being exposed to the film’s site.

To better understand the campaign, take a look at Chatroulette users’ reactions (viewer discretion advised).

The film first used video in their viral campaigns on a website (Church of Saint Marks) featuring a character from the film.

Social Network World Map Emerges

A new, historical world map has come upon the web. This map, however, displays online networks in relative size according to users. The map includes quirky names for the locations, including “Volcanic Island of iPhone Apps” and “StumbleUpon Sea.”

According to Mashable, marketing firm Flowtown borrowed the idea from XKCD‘s “Map of Online Communities” for an updated variation based on 2010 data. Information for the map was collected USA Today, among other sources.

Riding In Luxury While Surfing the Web

Many of you may have already heard about the awesome free Wi-Fi that will be available to New York subway riders soon, but the free transportation Wi-Fi doesn’t stop there.  According to our friends at Mashable, New Yorkers who prefer using car services will also be able to ride and surf in luxury.

Starting as early as this fall, select livery cars from LimoRes Car & Limo Service, UTOG Corporate Car Service and Velocity Limo will allow car passengers and anyone within 400 feet of the vehicles to access the Wi-Fi.

Alex Mashinsky – the CEO of livery car-booking company Groundlink – is the man behind this new transportation service.  Mashinky hopes to have  thousands cars in the city supporting this new technology. Will you take advantage of this new service?