Who we are


Conversation is an award winning, global marketing and advertising agency. We produce highly creative yet effective campaigns and own the process from the strategic planning phase through production, placement, and analysis. We pride ourselves on our “new traditional” approach.

Our team is made up of a diverse group of people, with a diverse range of skill-sets, providing grounded expertise in today’s evolving marketplace.

Headquartered in New York City with US satellite offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Kansas City (Missouri), we service global clients with a global presence from London to São Paulo, Sydney to Hong Kong.

from hello to hello, again

We say it all the time – hello, how are you, nice to meet you. But what makes you come back and say it again? It’s no longer about simply pushing a product – it’s about engaging your audience for it to believe in your brand. In order to make your brand heard, you’ve got to give them something to talk about. Our unique technique creates an engaging and continuous conversation between you and your consumer to keep them coming back for more. No, it’s not mind control. It’s just us really knowing our stuff.

Conversation is headquartered in New York, with satellite offices in Kansas City and Los Angeles.

We use evolved thinking to combine effective, traditional means of reaching consumers with new, creative techniques. The more touchpoints in a campaign, the more impactful the message. We embrace the old and strategically use it to leverage the new.

Every piece of the plan is done in-house – research, strategy, design, development – leaving no restrictions to create the best mix of media for each brand’s message.

It starts with a question

Problem & Research

Your question – how do we intelligently involve our audience? How do we encourage engagement? How do we capitalize on new, emerging media? Then, we grab hold of it, shake it loose, and unveil the underlying questions – the ones with answers to drive a strategy that tailors the talk to your needs, identity, and audience. Whatever you’ve got, we craft the answer that best fits you.

that inspires

Strategy & Creative

Our research reveals important insights that mold the unique strategy to satisfy your goals. We dig deep to compile the data and direction that will derive the best results. Once we’ve got the angle, our creative team conjures up a concept.

a new invention

campaign design, development & production

Then that concept sprouts legs – really good-looking, far-reaching legs. Our dynamic designs and captivating content are spun into any direction to attract your audience. Because we develop our designs in-house, we can continuously push the envelope with new, innovative creations. We love turning creative dreams into a reality.

to spark a continuous conversation.

multiple executions, integrated interaction channels

Once we start a conversation, there is no goodbye. We keep your consumers coming back for more, by keeping them interested and engaged – nurturing campaigns from start to finish to ensure the biggest possible impact. We call it “keeping eye-contact.”